Our History

The rapid growth Epsylon is experiencing is primarily based on the expertise of active businessmen Alain and Jean Lefrançois, who have been involved in the field for over 35 years. Willing to innovate and build on their knowledge, they found the support of three partners interested in building an ultra-efficient, competitive, and visionary entity: Danny Tremblay, Daniel Labbé, and Karl Moreau.

Based in Quebec City, the company increases its expansion efforts by building a factory of more than 88,000 sq. ft. in Quebec City, as well as another 35,000 sq. ft. factory in Pompano, Florida (USA). Ultra-efficient equipment and modern production support operations, while quality control and supervision are a priority in daily operations. From the beginning, Epsylon sets up an estimation department that is highly structured and supervised by one of their shareholders. A young team also comes along to conceive shop and production drawings, always with a concern for aesthetics and innovation in mind. This unit is also led by one of Epsylon’s associates. Conceiving while being different is quite a challenge for a creator but also a great asset to the builder who wants to stand out.

Besides, Epsylon provides the client with an approach aiming to develop lasting business relationships. For the company, trust and mutual respect are consistent with the objectives of excellence and satisfaction they strive for.

Learn more about the beginnings of our family company by watching the report below, broadcast on V Tele on June 29th 2018 (in French).