Sainte-Foy seniors’ home

This seniors’ and alternative home is made up of eight living units with twelve beds each. 84 of those beds are reserved for senior citizens, while the remaining 12 are kept for adults with special needs.

This type of living situation is designed to feel more like home, mainly by offering a friendlier environment with indoor and outdoor areas that are specially adapted to the changing needs of residents and their loved ones, and being open to the community. The contractor, Pomerleau, chose Epsylon for this institutional project designed to improve quality of life for our most vulnerable populations.

  • Status

  • Line of business

  • Region

  • Contractor

  • Owner

    SQI (Société Québécoise des Infrastructures)
  • Architects

    DMG / GLCRM / Groupe A / Provencher Roy BBBL

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