Epsylon 2020 awards

As we’ve been doing for four years now, we were present at University of Montreal on January 29th for the Epsylon awards, which are given to second-year students of the bachelor’s degree in architecture as part of one of their workshops, where they must present a solar mesh project that is designed to be attached to eventual curtain walls.

As donors, it is our pleasure to take part in the jury each year in order to select the winning projects. This year, in addition to the aesthetics and performance criteria, the students had to deliver a project of a phyto-architectural nature.

Since 2016, Epsylon has entered the major donors circle of the Faculty of urban planning of the University of Montreal with the creation of a perennial fund destined to support teaching activities of architecture students for several years to come.

Congratulations to all the students, who have, once again, impressed us with their remarkable work!

1st prize
Camille Abbas
Adam Maheiddine
Juliette Mezey
Sarah Sophie Murray
Maude Raymond
Tutor : Guillaume Pelletier
1st prize
The Wall of Sound
Daniel Santos-Castela
Amilie Pelletier
Violeine Eglaüs
Arianne Vigneault
Tutor : Julie Charette
1st prize
Katia Broz
Charles Cauchon
Virginie Longval
Christian Molina
Ève Perron
Tutor : Alexandre Hamlyn
2nd prize
Méryka Béland
Ariane Bérubé
Philippe Cassista Ruest
Romy Desgroseilliers
Eugénie Grosfils
Tutor : Sébastien St-Laurent
2nd prize
Grégoire Gaudreault
Alexandre Néron
Annabelle Truong
Lucas Ouellet
Tutor : Kevin Botchar

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