The new theater Le Diamant will bear Epsylon’s mark

We are very proud to announce that we have obtained the mandate for the realization of the glazing architecture that will be the signature of Robert Lepage’s new theater Le Diamant, in Quebec city.

The architecture of the new Diamant shows a great concern for keeping the historical heritage of the city in this new entertainment venue. The ancient facade of the YMCA will be completely restored, while a massive glass caisson, which will constitute the building envelope, will be inserted with an inclination that will join the line traced by the côte d’Abraham, a street that formerly linked the lower town to the porte Saint-Jean. Epsylon is honored to take part in this wonderful project that will perfectly combine traditional architecture and contemporary style, thus offering an exceptional showcase for Quebec city’s cultural richness.

Congratulations to all our team!

To know more about the theater Le Diamant, visit the website by clicking here.

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